- Goen no Mori -

Yugawara Retreat
Goen no Mori

This is Onsen hotel ( Onsen Ryokan)l located in Yugawara-Onsen. In this rich nature, 

you can prepare your body and mind.

Yugawara Onsen

It is well-known Onsen in Japan. You can enjoy great quality of it which is called Onsen for beautiful skin. You can enjoy it for 24 hours.

Our chef of Goen no Mori is a little unusual who can listen the voice of vegetable. You can enjoy variety of dishes everyday made of those vegetables.

*We have some event like cooking class once or twice in a week. We recommend you the stay with studying cooking.

Yugawara town, Kanagawa.

It will take an hour and half by train from Tokyo. From long time ago, a lot of great writers and painters stayed here to create their works.

Vegan Restaurant

We will serve you Japanese style vegan dishes. Not only you can enjoy your journey safely, you can also have chance to eat new vegan dishes you have never met.

The dishes were made of a lot of natural vegetables. They are gentle for your body so you can put the energy of the nature in yourself and improve your vitality by eating them.

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